Osmium Cashback Birthday Promotion

Osmium Cashback Birthday Promotion

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to the GERMAN LANGUAGE CashBack Birthday Promotion

Birthday promotion!

You were congratulated on your birthday by Mr. Alfred Salzmann.

As a small birthday present you were promised a Cashback in the amount of 5% on the net sales price (sales price without VAT).

This is valid for all purchases made by you within one week (calculated from your birthday, or from the date of the congratulatory letter) through the Osmiumshop of Mr. Salzmann.

This Cashback promotion is only valid for ordered goods via the link sent with the letter.



How do I get my Cashback?

1.) Order the desired Osmium on the Osmiumshop of Mr. Salzmann.


2.) Payment of the Osmium.

3.) Delivery of the ordered osmium to your given address by the Osmium Institute for the Marketing and Certification of Osmium GmbH
Bodenschneidstraße 23a
82031 Grünwald


Upon receipt of your ordered osmium.

1.) please send the following documents to the following e-mail address alfred.salzmann@finanzquadrat.com.

  • Your invoice
  • Your complete contact information with phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your bank account data

These data are unfortunately necessary for the control, the settlement and the transfer of the promised Cashback.

The Cashback promised by Mr. Salzmann Alfred in the amount of 5% of the net price will be transferred to your account within 14 days after receipt of the documents.

Have fun and enjoy your Osmium

Your Moneycoach and Osmium wholesaler

Alfred Salzmann


Information about osmium the most valuable and rare precious metal in the world

  • Osmium is an extremely rare precious metal
  • it has fascinating physical properties
  • rivals diamonds
  • unique reflections
  • great alternative to diamonds in the jewelry industry
  • substitute for gold, silver and other precious metals in the investment market
  • The globally available amount of gold fits into a cube with an edge length of 24 meters and will continue to increase due to the currently very active mining industry.
  • The globally available amount of osmium fits into a cube with an edge length of only 2.1 meters!
  • There are only less than 9 m³ of osmium compared to about 13,800 m³ of gold.
  • In terms of volume, gold is 1,500 times more abundant in the continental crust than osmium.
    Gold simply will not run out. Osmium will! And soon…
  • has an extremely high value density
  • large previous increase in value

That’s why osmium has a very high value, and one that is likely to rise sharply over the long term. Therefore, adding an osmium investment is a good way to get a very high return over the long term.


More information and the possibility to send me a message you can also find on:

OSMIUM, das teuerste Edelmetall

Allgemeine Informationen zu Osmium

Osmium und die Schmuck – Industrie



Für Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung

Alfred Salzmann
Geschäftsführer von Wirtschaftsberatung Finanzquadrat GmbH
Vermögensberater und Moneycoach

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Mobil: 0043 664 5131617
Email: alfred.salzmann@finanzquadrat.com
Web: www.finanzquadrat.com

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